Ruger mini-14 barrel stabilizer

Customer Testimonials

From Pete in Michigan

I thought you might like to see the results of adding your Mo-Rod to my Mini-14.  This is at 100 yards using hand-loaded ammo (Sierra 52g HPBT match bullets with 44g of H335 powder).  The Mini-14 is a Series-181. The barrel has a 1:10 twist.

Before Mo-Rod        After Mo-Rod

Obviously, this is a big improvement.  The simple design and quality machining made the Mo-Rod easy to install, and the light weight did not interfere with the nice balance of my rifle.

From "Old Soldier":

I received my Mo-Rod yesterday and mounted it on my Mini-14 Ranch Rifle. The quality is top-notch and looks good on my rifle. After firing a few rounds through it my groups a little tighter and i'm not getting such a bad barrel "jump" when rapid firing. Buy one if you get a chance, you'll be glad you did!

From "Mosin Man":

This is my first post for a long time lurker to this forum.

Just received a Ruger Mini-14 Ranch rifle (187 series) from my old man's arsenal so I've been reading through this forum finding out all the neat tips & tricks for Minis.

Ordered one of KMO's Mo-Rods last Friday, and got it this past Wednesday. Great service all around. Finally got around to installing it today.

I haven't had a chance to take this baby to the range just yet, but here's a pic of the installed rod. I dig how this rod looks like it's meant to be on the rifle.

From "Snake Driver":

I got a Mo-Rod from KMO last week and am very happy with the results. I have a 183 series "blue" so I went with the gun-black aluminum version. From the day I mailed him my order with a Postal Money Order to the day I received it was 7 days. Not bad! The instructions included in the package were very specific, but the install is vey easy to do. It just takes two Allen wrenches and maybe some Loctite (blue). It took maybe 10 minutes from start to finish. The thing is rock solid and looks great. I can't wait to get to the range to test the accuracy improvement. The Mo-Rod is well worth every penny especially when you look at the costs of the other brands available.

He followed up with this....

I went to the Range today to test my 183-series mini-14 with the Mo-Rod installed, but first some background. Last time I had it at the range it was shooting all over place and I couldn't seem to get it to shoot any kind of consistent grouping with any kind of ammo I used, especially once it started to heat-up from rapid fire. I was very frustrated and was ready to get rid of the silly thing. That's when I got on the web and started researching how to accurize the Mini-14 and found Perfect Union - Rifle Talk. At first, it seemed that an Accu-Strut or Har-Bar was the solution, but the price was a turn-off and the design-appearence of them both left me wanting something with a sleeker design. That's when I saw KMO's strut design with a price under $100 delivered. That sold me on his product.

Today, the temp. was a sunny 75 degrees with a right quartering crosswind at about 10-15 mph. My gun has iron sights only with no glass. I was using 55 gr. FMJ Remington UMC rounds and some 55 gr. SP Reloads with W748 powder and LC brass. The two different types of ammo shot consistently today with no change in POI.

This time at the range I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Mini was firing consistent 2" groupings at 50 yds and 3-4" at 100 yds. A big improvement over last time. Further, there wasn't any sign of flyers or stringing as the gun heated up. In fact after 80 rounds, fired over about 1 hour, the gun seemed barely warm. Note: I was shooting off-hand without any sand bags or gun vise to steady it. I think with sand bags the groups would be much tighter. The wind was also fairly gusty and affected my aim.

I was really pleased with the results using the Mo-Rod on my Mini. Now I have a SHTF gun that I can trust to give me reliable results even under rapid fire. I would highly recommend the Mo-Rod to anyone sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to get one or not. This thing really works!

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